Goldline & Jacobs Publishing is an academic publishing company committed to the publication and distribution of high quality books and journals that focus on Africa. Goldline & Jacobs devotes its energy and resources to the publication of African authors and other scholars with scholarly interest on Africa. We believe that the publication of high quality scholarly materials from Africa is fundamental in presenting an African-centered perspective in the new global environment. We encourage you to publish with us.


  • Igbo Studies Review

    Igbo Studies Review (ISR) (ISSN 2325-0801) is published once a year in November and is the official publication of the Igbo Studies Association. The manuscripts originally presented at a meeting of the Igbo Studies Association are eligible for inclusion. Igbo Studies Review (ISR)is peer-reviewed and publishes original research from scholars across the disciplines on all aspects of Igbo studies, including topics related to the Igbo Diaspora worldwide. Submissions accepted for consideration will be evaluated anonymously by at least two external reviewers. All manuscripts submitted for consideration must be original works that have not been published previously or is currently being considered by any other publication outlet.

  • JAGS - Journal of Africana Gender Studies

    The Journal of Africana Gender Studies (JAGS) (ISSN 2639-6173) is an international, interdis-ciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that explores gender issues in Africa and the African Dias-pora. It provides the space for scholars, academics, and researchers to examine how gender intersects with multiple markers of difference (race, class, ethnicity, nationality, etc.) to produce the complexities that unfold at the intersection of culture, history, and geography. Collaborative research among academics, activists, policy makers and civil society constituencies is encouraged.


  • ỌfỌ: Journal of Transatlantic Studies

    ỌfỌ: Journal of Transatlantic Studies is a peer reviewed scholarly journal published twice a year. ỌfỌ accepts original contributions devoted to Transatalantic, African, African Diaspora, and related subjects. Its interdisciplinary approach offers readers a critical view of the socioeconomic, political, and cultural life of the Africans and their relationship with the African Diaspora and the Atlantic World. It emphasizes original research, fresh conceptualization, and new view points on a variety of topics relating to aspects of the history, literature, politics, philosophy, folklore, culture, and economy of African societies, and broader African Diaspora.

  • Nigerian Studies Review

    Nigerian Studies REVIEW (NSR) is published once a year by Goldline and Jacobs Publishing and the University of Nigeria Press Limited. NSR will publish papers that deal with an interdisciplinary analyses of the history and cultures of the Nigerian peoples and its diaspora as well as the social relations between Nigeria and her neighbors. NSR provides unique scholarly perspectives and insights on one of Africa’s most populous and complex nation.